Final Project - April 9th Progress Report

Progress on this project has been a bit slower than I would have liked because I have been very sick. (I was diagnosed with mono this morning and have been in bed for the past several days.) 

However, I have been able to get a fair amount done despite this setback. I built a prototype of the first level. I was also able to build a prototype of our UI system, which I am modeling on the 2D platformer called Thomas Was Alone.  Thomas is like a 2D version of our game, so I played it for thirty minutes in order to get an idea of what works and does not in this genre.

I also coded some basic scene management scripts, such as a restart and death script. I rewrote some of Uti's code so that it would be easier to switch between characters.

Additionally, I went to Playtest Thursday last week with Uti. We are able to collect a great deal of valuable information, which I am currently putting into a new GitHub project.

By the end of today (April 9th), I plan to add a script which allows me to turn each character via the mouse rather than the E and Q keys, as those are now used for switching characters.

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