Midterm Postmortem

  1. What’s this game’s concept?

Mountain Slider is a 2D action game in which you are a mountain climber attempting to slide to the bottom of an icy slope as quickly as possible. Once you have slid down the mountain once successfully, you can compete with your friends to make it to the bottom of the mountain in the shortest period of time with the high score system.

This game is based on an experience I had while mountaineering in Colorado’s Gore mountain range. After a group of mountaineers and I summited Mount Valhalla, a lightning storm appeared on the horizon. Since lightning is very likely to strike the top of a mountain, our group had to race down the mountain. The only route to the bottom was an ice chute: to get down it, we slid between a series of natural anchors in the chute.

  1. What were some major problems or successes during development?

I’m glad that I picked a simple concept for my game. Even though I aimed for a small game, I still ran out of time and did not complete everything that I wanted to complete.

I think it is important to start with some small fun mechanic and then build from there. Initially, I didn’t know what this game would be like, so I experimented with various physics interactions until I found something that was fun to tinker with. After I found that fun interaction, I had added a goal and some obstacles. From there, I added a means of tracking the player’s progress towards the goal. I liked this process and plan to use it again in the future.

My biggest mistake was planning too big a project. I wish that I had used the feature planning tool that Aaron had shown us. If I had done that, I think I would focused on making the game longer.

  1. If you had more time, what else would you do? How would you take this project further?

Best case scenario, this game is a side project on my portfolio website. For it to get to that level, I will need to add music, add two more levels, add or improve the art assets, and clean up the UI. I don’t think I will do that because I have bigger projects I need to take care of right now. If I had other people working on this project with me, I would add unlockable characters, a token collection feature (as in Super Mario Run), and maybe a trick system, like that which is in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or SSX Tricky. In the future, I would delegate the creation of art assets. That is not my strong suit and I am not often happy wit

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