Midterm Week Three Update

Midterm Week Three Update


This week was mainly about implementing art assets and polishing the game further.


My main contribution this week was modeling several new assets: I created a new mountaineer character as well as several new rock assets and snow textures (not all of these have been implemented yet). I decided to stick with a more simple, Crossy Road-like art style because I felt that matched the relatively simple gameplay. I don’t need many different art assets for this particular game, so I am thinking about modeling one or two more characters and creating a character selection screen.


Before I move onto any new big features, I need to address some notes from the earlier playtests: most importantly, I need to create a way for players to see the rest of the map while they are sliding down it. What I am currently planning on doing is having the camera pan over the rest of the map before the player starts their run.


The next big push for me before the playtest tomorrow is to either add new levels or else make my existing course larger. Right now, I am happy with the game, but it is quite short for the type of player who has no interest in speedruns. This should not be too difficult because the gameplay mechanics are solid and my assets can be easily repurposed to create new levels.



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