This week, I added several features to my climbing game, which I am tentatively calling “Mountain Slider” or “Human Avalanche,” in order to up the sense of speed and increase its replay value.


As Aaron and a few others suggested, I changed the controls so that your player is only attached to the hooks while she is pressing the space bar. 


Additionally, I added the ability to move slightly to the left or right while sliding down the mountain by pressing the left or right arrow keys.


I also rearranged the level to make it more challenging.


The biggest advance I made this week was the implementation of a “speed run” and high score system. Now, when you play the game, a timer appears in the top lefthand corner of the screen. If you complete your run faster than anyone on the leaderboard, you take their spot and get to enter your name. This feature took me much longer than I anticipated to implement.


If I had more time, I would add a way to count the “style” of the player as they go down the mountain. The player would get extra points for achieving high speeds, completing the level only by hooking, and picking up “coins” or other items that were on the slope.


My next step is to create a series of models for the player and the rocks. I want to go for a Voxel-art aesthetic similar to that of the Crossy Road series.



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