Midterm Proposal

For my midterm project, I would like to make a game that relates to my experience mountaineering in Colorado’s Gore mountain range. In particular, I would like to make a game that relates to my experience climbing down a mountain called Vahalla during a lightning storm: that was a challenging experience because I had to avoid rocks that were sliding down above me, lightning striking around me, and the heat of the sun on me.

That experience required a great deal of patience and dexterity, so I am confident it will make for a fun, if at times frustrating, puzzle-action game.

The gameplay will involve moving from the top of a mountain to its base while avoiding falling rocks, lightning strikes, and dehydration (represented by a timer.) During the game, the player will have the option to slide, rappel, and swing around "anchor point" in the rock. This isn’t exactly what happened on the mountain, but it is similar enough and I believe these actions will be more fun than what actually happened (walking slowly down the mountain while tethered to a rope and falling a great deal.)

Ultimately, I envision this to be a game in which players speedrun. I don't know how to do this with WebGL, but I would like to add a high score system. 

UPDATE (6:14 PM): Somewhat frustratingly, my WebGL build looks much more ugly than my Unity build.


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lighting strikes and heat of sun at the same time, sounds intense