Week 2: 10Print Reading

(1) what the heck is "platform studies"?

Platform studies is the critical examination of “lower computational levels,” such as “hardware systems, operating systems, and virtual machines.”

In this particular article, the section about the Commodore 64 could be considered as an example of platform studies. Other examples could include an article about the Wii, Windows, or NES emulators.

  • (2) in the 10PRINT code, what does the "10" do?

The 10 designates the line number within the code block. The Commodore 64 was typically organized in increments of 10 rather than increments of one so that players could put lines in between these increments of ten. It has organizational value, but no functional value. Most modern languages do not put the line number in the actual line of code these days. (They are on a non-editable toolbar to the left.)

  • (3) in the 10PRINT code, what does the "1" in "RND(1)" do?

It is a seed for the program’s random number generator. In this case, it creates, “0.185564016.” The RND (random) function generates a unique number for each seed; thus, it is not truly random.


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