"The Door Problem" - Week of January 22nd

  • which sounds like the best job to you?

The Creative Director position sounds most interesting because it allows you to craft the entire experience for the player and see it from idea to execution.

  • which sounds like the worst?

The QA Tester position sounds very boring. My understanding is that you do the same thing over and over from slightly different angles. I would also not want to do the PR  job because I do not like working in social media. It feels too ethereal for me.

  • which sounds the weirdest?

I think the monetization designer job would be interesting, but a bit weird. In a sense, you are putting a toll on the player's "flow." I imagine it would be hard to balance the need to make money with the need to keep the player happy.

  • How is game development different from game design?

Game Development is the How of digital game creation while Game Design is the Why of digital game creation.

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